"We want our shoppers to enjoy and interact with Trick Eye Art at our Plaza"
~ Yes Plaza Rowland Heights, CA

STC Management, also known as "Sung Tien Collaboration", aims to bring people together in synergistic ways so that the whole is much more than the sum of its parts. "Sung Tien" is a Chinese saying for following the heavens. Their request was simple... How can we create a fun and engaging environment for our shoppers and visitors. Yes Plaza in Rowland Heights is a very popular plaza with great restaurants and retail shops.

We Talk Chalk finished four European themed trick-eye murals in January 2019.

Other Services

We Talk Chalk offers more services.

Trick Eye Museum

Create an engaging environment with a series of unique 3D experiences in one place.  We’ve created Trick Eye Exhibits in Las Vegas, Colombia, and in Israel. 

Street Painting Academy

Las Vegas Fine Arts After School Program & Summer Camps for children of all ages. Lessons taught by Melanie Stimmell Van Latum

Festival Management

Beyond appearing as cornerstone talent for street painting festivals, we offer extensive event management and artist acquisition.

Montross Mural Studio

Montross Mural Studio creates stunning customized murals and offers classes and retreat-style workshops in the beautiful historic Northern Neck.

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