Trick Eye Exhibitions

We can create an engaging environment with a series of unique 3D experiences in one place

What is Trick Eye Experience? It’s a series of life-sized 3-D art displays that encourage people to walk up and pose for photos in front of. The unique way in which the art has been created messes with your perception of depth and space, making for some truly fun photo ops!

At first, observers are unsure of what they’re looking at, but as soon as someone joins the piece, each work of art comes alive

People who create art tend to be touchy about the people who view art becoming too familiar with it. That’s why velvet ropes and humorless guards are fixtures at art museums and why taking a photograph of a painting is considered almost as forbidden as spitting on a van Gogh.

The pieces work best when passers-by stand on a designated spot on the ground and photograph someone else who’s standing in the right place near the painting. If done correctly, the result is a photograph in which an optical illusion makes it appear that the person is standing inside the piece, with all of the depth a 3-D image offers.

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    Create an engaging environment with a series of unique 3D experiences in one place.  We’ve created Trick Eye Exhibits in Las Vegas, Colombia, and in Israel. 

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