3D Street Painting & Trick Eye Art

We are of the opinion that every surface is a potential canvas, and that every story can be expressed visually. Here you’ll find some examples of our 3D Floor and Wall decals. To this effect, We Talk Chalk can generate custom, transformative art for any space—from walls and ceilings to trucks and buildings. And, regardless of whether your organization seeks decoration, advertisement, or clean fun, we offer completely noninvasive ways to improve ‘dead space’ in just a few hours.

When creating 3D street paintings, we love the ability to begin them in our studio on canvas and install the canvas at the event location. This allows for posing directly on the painting and for almost immediate interaction as installation takes between 1 to 3 hours vs. several days to create a painting live on site. We merge the canvas with the background, if the design and surface permits.