Space Transformations

We are of the opinion that every surface is a potential canvas, and that every story can be expressed visually. To this effect, We Talk Chalk can generate custom, transformative art for any space—from walls and ceilings to trucks and buildings. And, regardless of whether your organization seeks decoration, advertisement, or clean fun, we offer completely noninvasive ways to improve ‘dead space’ in just a few hours.

Ready to walk in to a different dimension? Slide to see the effect!

Circus – Circus Adventure Dome Promotion


Take your space from bland to a phenomenal promotion or photo op in just a few hours. Trust me, your clients won’t believe their eyes. Imagine taking your boring event space and completely transforming it as we did here – turning this white sales room into the Circus Circus Adventure Dome. Complete with that special instagramable moment of you posing as if riding the roller coaster.

Emporium Wall Mural


It’s amazing what a little paint can do. It doesn’t matter the size or shape of that boring wall, you know which one I mean, it’s really a missed opportunity. This mural we created in for EMPORIUM Arcade and Bar has quickly become the most Instagrammed wall in AREA15.

Totota Daytona Speedway


We like to think of every surface as a possible canvas, especially when we can take it from stark white to serene scenery. This TOYOTA Eagles Nest transformation at the Daytona Speedway pulled the idea of a billboard outside the box. Wanting the artwork to work with both vehicles and clients, this painting was created digitally and printed for a weather proof photo op for thousands of fans.