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3D Street Paintings
Hand-Painted Logos

We Talk Chalk is a creative and innovative agency, specializing in hand-painted logos, murals, and 3D street paintings. Based in the vibrant city of Las Vegas, NV, we bring our unique artistic flair to companies across the globe. Whether it’s for a public space, corporate environment, or private residence, we create stunning pieces that are both eye-catching and impactful.

Our team of talented artists is dedicated to transforming ordinary spaces into works of art that capture the imagination and leave a lasting impression. From large-scale murals to intricate 3D street paintings and awesome hand painted logos, we bring your vision to life with passion and precision.

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3D Street Paintings & Instagram Moments

Created digitally, these paintings can be printed on any (adhesive) media, or even carpet. Re-print for multiple campaigns!

Revitalizations &
Public Art Projects

We’ve been involved and executed multiple town revitalizations and public art projects all over the United States.

A Work Of Art

We can perform live, on location directly on your surface (asphalt or cement) or on canvas, which adds an unforgettable interactive experience for your audience over several days.

Hand Painted Logo’s

A powerful medium for advertising and marketing objectives. Draws attention and encourages interaction using Hand Painted Logo’s

Chalk Board Art

Custom hand painted chalkboards are a unique and eye-catching way to add a personal touch to any space or event.

Montross Mural Studio

Montross Mural Studio creates stunning customized murals and offers classes and retreat-style workshops in the beautiful historic Northern Neck.

Stand Out from the Crowd: How 3D Street Paintings Can Help You Attract and Engage Audiences

At tradeshows and conventions, it can be a challenge to stand out among the many vendors and exhibitors vying for attendees’ attention. A 3D street painting is a unique and eye-catching way to draw people in and create a memorable experience. Whether you’re looking to showcase a new product or service, build brand awareness, or connect with potential clients, a 3D street painting provides an exciting and engaging way to do so. Attendees will be eager to stop and take photos, share their experiences on social media, and learn more about your business.

For private corporate events, a 3D street paintings provides a fun and interactive way to entertain guests and create a unique experience. Our talented artists can create custom designs that fit the theme of the event, incorporating logos, images, and text to create a truly personalized and memorable piece. Guests will be amazed as they watch the painting come to life, and will enjoy taking photos and interacting with the artwork throughout the event.

One of the most compelling aspects of a 3D street painting is its ability to create a sense of wonder and excitement. The optical illusions created by our artwork are not only visually stunning, but also create a sense of play and whimsy that appeals to people of all ages. By incorporating your company’s branding and messaging into the painting, we can create a unique marketing opportunity that is both engaging and effective. Whether you’re looking to create buzz for a new product, build brand awareness, or connect with potential clients, a 3D street painting is a powerful tool that can help you achieve your goals.

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Ready to transform any wall, door, ceiling, floor or any other surface into an entirely new word?

Meet our creative director

We work with a group of talented professional street painters and artist from all over the world. We can recruit artists for any event, anywhere on the globe.

Melanie Stimmell
Starting out as a Lead Technical Director on the feature film, ‘South Park: Bigger, Longer, & Uncut’, creators Trey Parker and Matt Stone then asked her to join the very popular Comedy Central series where she oversaw the transition from infamous paper cutouts to flawless digital animations.

Melanie quickly became a leader in the Street Painting world – a ‘maestra madonnara’ (master street painter) – the only woman ever to hold this prestigious title in two countries (Italy and Germany). During her 20 years as a street painter extraordinaire, she has been awarded Gold medals and 1st place awards in Europe’s most prestigious competitions to become one of the worlds most decorated street painters. She has worked with clients in Turkey, Holland, UK, France, Canada, Colombia, Israel, The Republic of Georgia, Thailand, China, Saudi Arabia, The Dutch Antilles, and throughout the US and has consulted, painted, and held workshops for chalk painting events all over the world.

She’s also a fine artist, currently under contract with Park West Gallery.

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